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EMS are experts in all forms of Corporate and Commercial Mediation as well as Family Business, Partnership and Family and Elder Mediation. We are also experts in Board Governance, Facilitation and Mediation Training.

Workplace and Employment Disputes

Where there is a relationship in the workplace, there is possibility for employment related disputes that may involve performance issues, discrimination, bullying, harassment or sexual harassment.
Mediation is ideally placed to help parties resolve these issues and to help them to rebuild their working relationship.

Boardroom and Shareholder Disputes

All organisations, whether private companies, public companies, the public service, partnerships or family businesses, have inherent areas of possible dispute.
Mediation offers a private, speedy and low cost route to effective conflict resolution.

Partnership Disputes

Our understanding of the issues and tensions that may arise between professional partners makes us uniquely positioned to provide positive outcomes through mediation.

Mediation Act 2017

Find out all you need to know about the Mediation Act 2017. This section provides information on the Act and its application.

Articles, News and Events

Keep up with the latest training, events and news from EMS.

Why Erwin Mediation Services?

Erwin Mediation provides a fast, confidential way forward for effective mediation, conflict resolution, facilitation and settlement possibilities for all types of disputes –commercial, professional, workplace, partnership, personal and family.

A past President of the Mediator’s Institute of Ireland Karen Erwin is one of Irelands most established and respected mediators with over 3000 hours of mediation under her belt. Karen’s extensive and varied experience gives her and unrivalled expertise in commercial and interpersonal mediation, facilitation and Board Governance. A strong mediator, Karen’s legal background ensures that she has the necessary skills and knowledge to create the appropriate legally binding agreements immediately.
View Karen’s Credentials here.